7 Tips for the Nursery

7 Tips for the NurseryCrib? Check.  The perfect paint colour? Check. Bedding sets that you have absolutely fallen in love with?  Check.  So what’s left for that nursery before baby arrives?  Here are 7 nursery tips that often get missed but would make those sleepless nights and hectic days a whole lot smoother.

1) Light Dimmer

It’s a relatively easy installation and/or feature to include in your lighting selection and it will allow you to navigate those late night feedings and clean up with a bit more ease.  A dimmer works wonders in giving you just enough lighting to get your job done, but will not startle or stimulate baby when you need your little one to go back to sleep.

2) Daybed

If you have the space, any type of arrangement that can allow you to lie down in the same room as baby will be a godsend for those nights when the LO is not feeling well or needs close monitoring.  Your partner will also thank you for it as it will reduce disturbing his/her sleep as well.  By day, it also offers an extra surface for folding away those baby clothes, displaying those adorable stuffies, and eventually turning into the “big boy/girl” bed down the road.

3) Open Storage

I loved having all the little clothes and accessories neatly stored away in the two dressers that we had set up in our nursery before baby arrived.  Little did I know, however, that there would come the day when I would find myself holding a struggling baby with a huge mess down her front in one hand, and trying to wrestle a drawer open with the other.  Save yourself the hassle and get some open storage to put items that are on high rotation in (nappies, blankies, a change of clothes, or diaper changing accessories).  Changing tables with generous shelf space underneath (See our Aspen and Tuscany options), or large baskets to place on the top of a dresser work well for easy access when nothing else seems easy.

4) Easy to Clean Surfaces

That designer silk pillow set and hand tuft rug may be hot pieces for the nursery, but make sure you do not mind the occasional spill (Milk) or splatter (Throw up.  Eeps!).  Mommyhood and daddyhood also comes with a whole lot of cleaning up, so unless you have yourself a 24hr maid service, make it easier on yourself by selecting easy to clean surfaces:

-Rugs and pillow covers that can be tossed into the wash

-Skip the changing pad cover in the warmer months as wiping the plastic surface of any mess is easier than scrubbing out fabric.

-Select upholstered furniture such as gliders/chairs with spot-cleanable fabrics and even removable cushions that can be replaced, in case there is a stubborn stain that cannot be removed.

5) Blackout Blinds

Unless you are that one enviable parent that has a kid that attains the golden 2.5 hour naps regardless of surroundings, the rest of us need blackout blinds.  They do not solve the struggles against naps and night sleeps, but they will aid in giving your little one the sleep cues to start winding down.  I have noticed that they come in handy as the days get longer and there is still light outside at 8pm.

6) Comfortable Chair

If space allows, get one.  Your legs and back will thank you during those times when your LO needs the extra cuddling.  It’s also great for story time, breastfeeding, and also those late nights when baby simply will not settle without you being near.  See best glider for nursery

7) Decorating Safety

Unless you do not mind reinstalling that ceiling mobile or wall hanging in 4-6 months when baby can sit up or even stand, make sure that accessories (canopies, netting, etc.) and decorations near and over the crib are well out of range of curious hands.  Too often I see decorative elements that are great features in a room but are simply hung too low.  Taking safety into account from the get-go will save you from unnecessary anxiety (or redecorating) down the road.

-Use decals.  Most are removable without damaging paint and they do not pose risk of falling into a crib.

-Hang up mobiles and items like bunting well out of reach.