The Painted Kitchen chair ideas

Kitchen is the most important place in the house so it has to be exciting. Well you do not always have the budget to spend a lot. However, a little creativity is all you need to brighten up your kitchen in simply no time. Well the process is pretty easy. You can take an existing chair and just be innovative with it. Just make sure that your kitchen chair should match up with the general theme of your kitchen. Chalk out a plan in your mind and start working.

Renovating your kitchen chair and giving it a new look

Now that you have made up your mind to redesign your kitchen chair, you will need the following items.

Materials you will require

  • Pastel colored chair will work best. I chose a yellow pastel colored chair.
  • Spray paints neon orange and white
  • Painter’s paper
  • Ruler
  • Tape

The method to follow

Follow the method below to get success with your design.

Step 1:  Take your yellow pastel colored chair and give it a coat of primer and white spray paint.

Step 2: When the paint has dried off tape each leg up to 6 inches. Make sure that you add plenty of paper for blocking off spray from your paint can. When the taping is complete spray the chair legs with neon orange and let them dry. Remove the paper and you will have great dyed chair legs that will definitely add some color to your kitchen.



 The final look

Well if you wish to go a bit simple then there is another interesting idea that you may try out. If you have a dining table and chair set in your kitchen then you can simply create a wonderful rainbow in your kitchen by painting the chairs with several different colors. This will surely brighten up the environment. Your kitchen will start to give a full of life perception. The best part is all you need is the paints of different colors. There is one tip that you need to follow. Whenever you are painting your chairs the best place to do the job is your backyard because if you end up spilling the paint in the kitchen then the cleanup can turn out to be a hard process.

Here is how it looks when you paint the kitchen chairs with different colors.

Now look at the picture and you will realize that the chairs give a fresh look with just simple painting. The only thing you need to do be smart with is the selection of colors. Choose a combination of bright and dark colors like you can choose pink, yellow, red, green, brown, purple, black, white and light blue. All these colors give a fabulous impression and reveal your ecstatic sense.

Test your creativity now and give a new look to your kitchen with the help of these wonderful ideas. When you will implement these ideas your kitchen will look simply remarkable and you will enjoy working there.