How to Build a Rocking Chair

 How to Build a Rocking ChairHow to Build a Rocking Chair

Want to build a rocking chair? If you are a DIYer and love to experiment and enjoy the art of making fabulous furniture by tweaking the old and useless furniture, then it would definitely be a fun project for you. Though sometimes, people are not sure what they can od and how they will do it. Because of the fact, they don’t have the courage to take steps in their lives. If you have got the passion and a clear idea about building a rocking chair, then you must not stop yourself and give your creative thoughts a real look.

Here are some useful tips and steps you will be following while making a best rocking chair at home.

Select a chair at home

If you have got an idea which chair you will be using to build your rocking chair, then it will be very easy to determine the exact size of the rocking platform you need to build. Take out the chair you will be using and measure it heights and the distance between the four legs as well as the style of feet. The best option would be an average sized with a standard height chair with standard feet that are not too pointed nor too wide.

Select the wood

The best wood that you will use has to be strong enough to keep up with the weight of a person sitting and rocking on the chair. The most reasonable is the pine wood. But if you want a sturdy and strong wooden frame for rocking purpose, then make sure you get a strong wood piece like that of Oak wood.

Cutting the wood pieces

After you have got the wood you need, it is time to cut the appropriate sized wooden pieces that will be used to create the rocking arches. Make sure you cut the arc in a medium curve shape with the front size have a slightly flat curve while the rear curve will go a higher position as compared to the from side.

Make sure the front end is about 5 and a half inches long while the back ones are 25 inches long. Mark the notches where the seat will rest on the frame. Groove the notches to make them able to accommodate the chair rest easily.


Fit the chair on the marked notches and fix the feet with the help of the furniture glue or put in screws to hold the chair support safely. Spray the wooden frame to match the color of the chair and now your rocking chair is ready to rock.

Make sure that you use 3 inches thick and 20 inches long wooden pieces to carve out the rocking frame for your chair. All these steps are very easy to follow and can help you create a wonderful, well designed and sturdy rocking chair at your should never try to use a very heavy or wide chair for your rocking chair project and always use a medium to light weight chair to make it rock on a wooden frame.