How to come up with best chair decor for the wedding

Wedding is a very special time in your life and you want everything to be picture perfect. However, planning a perfect wedding takes a fair amount of time and effort so you have to plan things the right way. The most important thing is having the perfect decoration for the wedding. You can transform ordinary furniture into stunning pieces by just being a bit creative. If you are confused about your wedding décor then we will just look at some perfect ideas for the decoration of your furniture and you will simply love these ideas because the end output is just phenomenal. How about having Mr and Mrs Sign at the back of your reception chairs? If you like this idea let us try doing it.

Designing the Mr and Mrs Signs for your reception chairs

Material Required

You will be requiring the following materials to design your very own wedding chair signs.

  • Circle edge punch starter kit
  • Cutting mat
  • Circle cutter
  • Cardstock 4 colors
  • Stapler
  • Ribbons of your choice
  • Foam adhesive circles

How to decorate the wedding chairs steps

Following steps will help you to decorate the wedding chair

Step 1: The first step is to download and print the Mr and Mrs Signs.

Step 2: You need to place the circle cutter on the cutting mat and cut out the Mr and Mrs Signs. The design cut should be about 5.25 inches.

Step 3: Now you need a border for the Mr and Mrs Signs so cut a larger circle. The design cut should be about 5.5”.

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Step 4: Now it is time to put your circle edge punch to use. You need to cut about 2 circles for the two signs. If setting up the circle punch is a problem then make sure that you follow the instructions that are given in the box.

Step 5: You need to set the measurement markers at about 10” and then start to punch. When you are done with the individual punching then it is time to punch the center dial. Turn your center dial and start punching the next section of your circle till it is completed.

Step 6: For your smaller circles set the measurement markers to about 8” and again start the punching. Complete the individual punching and then punch the center dial. Turn your center dial and also punch the next section of the circle till it is completed.

Look at the picture below, it gives an idea how the circles need to be cut.

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Step 7: Cut four feet of the matching ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and you need to staple the fold to the largest circle’s backside.

Step 8: Take your foam adhesive circles and apply about six to the smaller circle’s backside and start pressing on to the larger circle.

   Step 9: Make use of the foam circles and apply the Mr, Mrs circle and the plain circle.

Step 10: Finally tie these signs to the chairs with the help of the ribbons and the job is done.

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Simple isn’t it? Try out this exclusive wedding décor and make the big day special.