How to make a baby hammock

You can easily find a baby hammock in any baby supply store. However, if you want to cut down on the costs then you can try making the hammock at home too. The best part about baby hammocks is that the babies enjoy lying in the hammock and you can easily manage your daily chores.

How to make a baby hammock

Materials that you will require

  • Three meters of strong muslin cloth
  • Steel ring
  • Chain
  • Hook
  • You will need a board about 2 inches in length, 3 meters in width and 1 inch thick.
  • Snap hook

Making the baby hammock

The following steps will help you make a baby hammock

Step 1: Collect all the items that are required for making the baby hammock.

Step 2:  The first step is creating the swing. The edges of the fabric need to be folded inward by 2 inches and make sure to sew all the way around. For this you need to spread the fabric on the floor. The fabric needs to be folded into half lengthwise. A big ring of the fabric needs to be created  by sewing the two edges.

Step 3: Now it is time to create the bottom of the hammock swing for the baby. 14 inches need to be measured from the fabric’s first seam. Those 14 inches of material need to be folded and you need to sew it in place. The folded material needs to be attached to the rest of the fabric and this helps to provide hammock swing a reinforced bottom.

Step 4:  Next you need to add the elastic band to your hammock. All you need to do is measure about 8 inches on each side of the swing. You need to create a channel by folding ¾ inch of the fabric on one side for your elastic band. Now the elastic band needs to be inserted and you have to sew it down on one of the ends. Start gathering the material till it forms about 6 inches in all. When you have gathered the material,  you need to sew the other end of your elastic in place.

Step 5:  Now you need to tie the hammock bottom. The center point has to be figured out at the hammock bottom on each side, measure 4, 8 and 12 inches on each of the sides. You need to mark these points. You need to sew 13 inch ties on the swing underside these spots.

Step 6: Make the pillow case and pillow now. Cut a 14*30 inch piece of foam for making the pillow. Use the swing fabric for making the pillow cover. For making the pillow cover first measure the pillow. Two pieces of fabric need to be cut that are about ½ an inch larger than the pillow from all the sides. You need to sew about three sides together. The fourth side of the pillow cover should be left open for inserting the pillow. The open side of the pillow can be closed by sewing a zip.

Step 7: Next you have to decide where you want to hang the hammock. A hole needs to be drilled in the ceiling and you need to hang a spring on the hook. Next the chain has to be placed on the spring and a quick link has to be put on the other end. However, you have to ensure that the attachments are firm.

Step 8:  Now you will need a wooden board. You need to cut a u-shape on each end of the board. The fabric free ends should pass through the holes. The fabric ends should be secured through additional ties. The free ends of the fabric should be secured by a steel ring.

Try out this method for preparing a baby hammock and you will get great results.


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