How to make a colorful and creative cross stitch chair

Innovative furniture adds up the grandeur of a house. However, it is not necessary that you should buy expensive furniture to add to the beauty of your house. A little creativity and skill is all you need to modify your existing furniture into a piece of art. For example, you can start with an old chair in the house and modify it into a beautiful piece of furniture. Well you must have heard about cross stitch chairs. If not let us unveil the secret to creating awesome cross stitch chairs and you are about to find out how.

Designing your very own cross stitch chair

You can design your cross stitch chair with existing items lying in the house. You do not need to spend a lot on this project.

Key items you will need

You will be requiring the following items for your cross stitch chair.

  • Hand woven cane web chair
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Danish oil
  • Yarn

Steps to create your creative cross stitch chair

Here are the steps to get started.

Step1: Take any discarded hand woven cane web chair in the house. Just make sure that the chair should be solid and not broken. Take sandpaper and make it a point to light sand the wood. It actually improves the overall appeal of the chair and gives it a new look.

Step 2: Next you need to condition the wood and give it a better texture. Well you can replace the varnish with the Danish oil. It proves to be a great alternative. The Danish oil helps to give a silk satin finish to the wood and that adds up to the appeal of the chair. Another quality of the Danish oil is that it proves to be quite useful in bringing out the natural color of the wood.

Step 3: If you are fond of weaving then you must be having your favorite yarn at your place. Well now it is time to think out of the box and take out some of the most beautiful shades from your yarn. Take some yarn and mark the center line of your weave. It is essential to mark the weave on the back of the chair and the seat of the chair as well. You will be applying exactly the same cross stitch technique that is used for the tapestry canvas.

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However, make sure that you keep the stitching as tidy as possible. Here is how the back of the stitching should look. Do not use any knots for fastening the yarn. The stitching should be holding the loose ends in a secure way.

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Here is the final look of your cross stitched chair.


Make sure to follow the cross stitch technique to transform your old chair. The final look of the chair will surely give you a sense of accomplishment and you will get the feel that you spent your time in a worthwhile activity. This is the best way to put the old discarded chairs to use and that too in a creative way so go for it.