How to Reupholster a Seat Cushion

How to Reupholster a Seat Cushion

How to Reupholster a Seat Cushion

Chair seats and cushions or sofas have their looks dependent upon the fabric that has been used for their upholstery. If that is worn out and old, then the furniture will seem ugly and unable to use. Most of the time people use to throw such furniture items away or put them in the attic so that they won’t destroy the interior. But make sure, you know that re-upholstering is not a big deal and you can easily DIY at home if you have got a few little things in your hand.

Here is how you can do it easily and make your chairs or other upholstered furniture look like new and pretty much worthy to be kept in your living room. To learn how to re-upholster a seat cushion just read below:

Things you need:

  • A pin Plucker
  • A pliers or a hammer with a forked head
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric stapler that is able to staple into wood/small sized nail
  • New fabric
  • New upholstery filling
  • Finishing brush/furniture spray

Steps to follow:

Just follow the steps below:

Take out the seat carefully

At first you’ll need to take out the seat from its position. It can be fixed or just adjusted in a frame. You can take it out easily. If it has been nailed there you can pull them out with the help of a pliers or a hammer forked head.

Take off the old fabric

Then you’ll have to take the old fabric out of it. For this you’ll need a pin plucker or nail picker to pick out all nail or pins that are there to fasten the fabric.

Measuring and cutting the new fabric

Measure the seat size with the help of the measuring tape and make sure you cover the upper, the sides and a 1 inch lower part of the seat so that cloth is cut in a size that will cover the seat correctly. Cut the fabric according to the size of your seat you need to re-upholster.

Take the fabric piece and put on the seat to see if the size is correct and will let you cover all sides easily.

Always make sure you leave a ½ inch extra fabric for an easy fit.

Putting up the upholstery fill and fabric

After preparing the fabric put up the filling, either it’s a new one or the old one if it was reusable. Fit the new fabric on the seat and fold it through the sides. In order to make it stay fit you can use a glue on the inner sides, to keep the cloth in place while you staple it below or else it can be done without it.

Bent the fabric and carefully, insert small nails or staple the fabric to the wood, making sure it is correctly placed in a straight line. Be careful with the corner and pleat the corner in a way that they have no wrinkles or turn on them. For this you can push the fabric inside and pleat the remaining portion over it.

After finishing up, brush out all the dust or debris to make it look clean and tidy. Put the seat back to the chair and apply some furniture spray if the chair has visible wooden parts to make it look tidier.