How to make a flawless office chair

Some people do prefer working from home so if you are one of them then you will need an office chair too at work. Sometimes you just do not have the budget to buy your office chair. Well do not bother about this fact because now you can create own office chair by following this quick and easy tutorial. Let us find out how.

Materials required

You will need the following materials to create your office chair.

  • You will need an old chair
  • 5 bun feet
  • T-bolts
  • Machine screws
  • Spray paint
  • Duct tape
  • Drill machine
  • Sliders
  • 3M Picture Hangers

Steps to start

Follow the steps mentioned below to create your office chair

Step 1: First of all you need a solid foundation for your office chair. Well the best choice will be bun feet because it can prove to be a solid foundation for your office chair. The best part is that the bun feet has even got a hole drilled in it so that makes your job simpler. However, the only issue is that the hole in the bun feet has these lag screws in it and they have to be removed first. You simply need to replace the lag screws with T-bolts. Fit the T-bolts in the hole of the bun feet. For the office chair you will need about 5 bun feet.

Image source: instructables

Step 2: Now you also need to add machine screws to the bun feet and about five machine screws need to be twisted into every bun. These machine screws help to protect the inside of the bun when you are spray painting the bun feet.

Step 3: Quickly coat the bun feet with the spray paint.

Step 4: When the buns have dried up then it is time to prepare the star base. You can make use of the base from a chair. However, ensure that you remove the wheels and flip your base in an upside down manner. If your chair has decorative covers on each leg that are attached with the help of tiny screws then you should use a screw driver to remove the screws.

Image source: instructables

Step 5: Next you need to start drilling the base for receiving the buns. ¼” hole needs to be drilled into each leg of the chair once the screws have been removed. For the safety of the chair leg covers you should wrap them with a duct tape while drilling the hole.

Step 6: When the buns have dried out completely then simply remove the screws from the bun. Remember you drilled holes in every leg of your chair. Now you need to pass the screw through the newly drilled hole and now you need to start screwing your T-bolt on to the screw. You need to apply this process for every bun and tighten the buns.

Step 7: Make use of 3M picture hangers for attaching sliders. You need to remove the backing paper from the strip and it needs to be pressed on to the bun bottom. Next press its mate onto it along with the backing paper. 2 pieces of 3M picture hanger will be required per bun.

Once the 3M strips have been installed on every bun then you need to start removing the backing paper on the strips placed on one of your buns.

Step 8: Now the furniture slider needs to be centered over your prepared bun and then you need to start pressing down firmly for sticking the 3M to your slider. You need to repeat this process for every leg of the chair.

Step 9: When all the five sliders have been installed then the star base needs to be reinstalled to your chair. Next turn the chair upright. These five furniture sliders will help to float your chair easily on the carpet.

Image source: instructables

Try out this office chair tutorial and you will be extremely pleased with the results that come your way so do try out this method. People will truly admire you for your talent when they see the prepared chair. The best part is that you will save on your money as well when you will prepare this chair at home.