8 Unisex Nursery Ideas That Will Add The Wow Factor To The Nursery

Many couples find it quite stressful to design a nursery for their baby and there is no doubt about the fact that this is one challenging job. I felt the same when we had to design a nursery for our little one. There are times when you want to design a nursery that is more of a neutral theme. The reason is that it is more practical and is a cost friendly option too when you just cannot afford to spend a lot. Well I came up with a few ideas that can prove to be quite practical in designing a unisex nursery. I will like to present them so that others can benefit as well.

Perfect Unisex nursery ideas

Well you will surely enjoy trying out the presented ideas and setting up the unisex nursery will be a lot of fun.

1# Play with different colours:

You do not always have to stick with one single colour for a unisex nursery. You can just play with different combinations and design a colourful looking nursery. For example, you can break the barrier of traditional colours and you can have a red rug in the nursery. You can have a table and chair set as well apart from the traditional furniture that is generally present in the nursery. You can opt for a white table and you can complement the table by getting green coloured chairs. This combination will highlight every colour in the room.

Play with different colours

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2# Focusing on single element décor:

You can even focus on making one element more prominent in the nursery. For example, you can focus on the décor of the changing table.  You just have to customize the changing table in a way that it works well for both a boy and a girl. For example, you can have a neutral tone basket for keeping the accessories of your little one. You can put some extra bedding on the changing table.

Focusing on single element décor

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3# Designing a nursery that is close to Mother Nature:

You do not always have to decorate the nursery with toys and books. You can come up with different ideas as well. For example, you can hang a few plants in the nursery. You can opt for those plants that do not need care on a daily basis. This will add a super fresh looking to nursery and it is quite a different idea as well.

Designing a nursery that is close to Mother Nature

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4# Nursery rhyme theme: 

You can have a nursery rhyme theme for the nursery as well. You can easily get hold of nursery rhyme wall papers for the nursery. This will give more of a fairy tale look to the nursery and your little one will love the nursery a lot more. Thus this idea is worth a try. This is one of the best baby nursery ideas and it is quite easy to implement this idea. The reason to opt for this theme is that it works well for both a baby boy or baby girl.

Nursery rhyme theme

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5# The motif theme:

You can think on the lines of having a natural motif in the nursery.  You can think on the lines of painting a mural or choose tree branch wall decals. This will be quite a different idea and the varying colours of the tree will attract the baby. You can complement the room with a fluffy looking rug and you can have neutral tone curtains.

The motif theme

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6# The traditional white and black colour nursery:

Now you always do not have to be very innovative and sometimes simple colours can do just wonders. You can even opt for black and white coloured nursery. This is a very practical selection. Go for a white crib. You can have beautiful black and white coloured cushion in the crib. The carpet or rug should also have the black and white tinge. You can opt for a black sofa. The walls should be of the white colour and you can have décor with the white and black combination.

The traditional white and black colour nursery

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7# Mixing different patterns:

You can also have various patterns in a nursery. This gives a modern touch to the nursery. Go for an emerald and grey combo when you are choosing the colour theme. Grey may sound like a dull colour, but the emerald will complement the grey and add prominence to each and every item in the room. Make sure that the curtains and the rug go with the theme.

Mixing different patterns

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8# Painted nursery:

You do not always need to have wall papers in the nursery. You can even paint the walls of the room. For example, you can opt for a farm theme nursery. You can paint the farm animals on the wall and give the nursery the perfect ambience of a farm. Go for neutral toned furniture or simply choose white coloured furniture. This will magnify the wall. This idea will work perfect well even if you are looking for baby girl nursery ideas. This theme is suitable for both the genders. You will feel that this theme will add this brightness to the room because of so many colours.
Painted nursery


All the baby nursery ideas presented above will give a unique identification to the nursery. However, you will have to plan things well. The best thing about neutral theme nursery is that you can upgrade it with the passage of time as per the needs of the little one. The only thing you need to be a bit careful with is when choosing colour combinations. Do not opt for dull combinations. You need to have a bright environment for the little one. When you will invest time and effort in the nursery, it will pay you off in the long run because it will work well for both a baby boy and a baby girl.

Do let me know if you like my ideas and do give your suggestions in this regard.