How to introduce new designs and custom colors to your cushion

custom colors to your cushion

You will be surprised to know that just changing the cushions of your chair can give them a fresh look so why not try this out. This idea can add brightness to your room and you will like looking and admiring the room. You do not have to buy new cushions. You can just change the look of the existing ones and your chairs will just give a perfect picture. This idea truly works out when you are having a party at your place and you need to add this different touch to your furniture. Let us see how … [Read more...]

How to repaint a Chair 7 steps

How-to repaint a Chair 7 steps

Now you have a chance to give a new look to your discarded furniture.  All you need to do is just paint your old furniture. The best part is that you just need to learn the art of repainting your old furniture. We will just learn to master this skill right now, but before that let us learn the difference between painting a metal chair and a wooden chair. If you want to paint a metal chair then you will require a corrosion resistant paint for this purpose. You can easily paint the chair with a … [Read more...]

How to make a swinging hammock chair

How to make a swinging-hammock chair

Have you ever thought on the lines of making your own swinging hammock chair? Well if not then now is the time to test your skill and creativity. We will just explore the easy way to make your very own swinging hammock chair. Materials you will need Faux leather 2 yards Electric Drill Scissors 1 ½ inch spade bit 5/8 inch spade bit Fast grab glue 1/16 inch drill bit Sewing pins All-purpose thread 4, one inch screws Sewing machine Stud finger 2 inch wooden … [Read more...]

How to make a hammock with ropes

How to make a hammock

When you are looking for a very traditional kind of a hammock then you should try out the easy approach presented below. When you make a hammock with ropes then it becomes much easier to put it up or put it down. When you make a hammock with ropes just ensure that the rope is thick enough to make the hammock sturdy.  Materials you will need Scissors Tape measure 24-48 strands of twenty foot rope. The steps to be followed You need to try the following steps. Step 1:  Take the 24 … [Read more...]

How to make a baby hammock

How to make a baby hammock

You can easily find a baby hammock in any baby supply store. However, if you want to cut down on the costs then you can try making the hammock at home too. The best part about baby hammocks is that the babies enjoy lying in the hammock and you can easily manage your daily chores. Materials that you will require Three meters of strong muslin cloth Steel ring Chain Hook You will need a board about 2 inches in length, 3 meters in width and 1 inch thick. Snap hook Making the … [Read more...]