How to introduce new designs and custom colors to your cushion

You will be surprised to know that just changing the cushions of your chair can give them a fresh look so why not try this out. This idea can add brightness to your room and you will like looking and admiring the room. You do not have to buy new cushions. You can just change the look of the existing ones and your chairs will just give a perfect picture. This idea truly works out when you are having a party at your place and you need to add this different touch to your furniture. Let us see how we can accomplish this task.

Designing custom colored cushions

The following are the materials you will require to design your custom cushions.

 Materials you will need

  • Cushions
  • Fabric paint
  • Painters tape

Steps to achieve your goal

The following steps will help you to design the customized cushions.

How to introduce new designs and custom colors to your cushion

Step1: You need to start off by taping a section of your seat cushion. You can simply make a blue triangle with the tape on the cushion.

Step 2: Once the triangle is made you need to start painting the triangle. If your cushion is white in color you may paint the triangle blue. When you are painting the cushion just make sure that you opt for soft fabric paints, they have a better finish and do not look very shiny.

Step 3:  Now let the paint dry and remove the tape from the cushion.

custom colors to your cushion

Step 4:  It is all up to your creativity. You can even design customized cushions with circles painted on it. However, make sure that you do the job neatly because the final finish does count a lot.

You can even have this beautiful butterfly pillow for your chairs. If this idea appeals to you let us find how you can design these pillows.

Materials you will need

  • Pillow
  • Felt for cutting the butterflies
  • Pins ( the number depends upon the butterflies)


 Step 1: You will need an old pillow for this job. Cut the felt in a way that it can easily cover your entire pillow.

Step 2: Now Wrap the cut fabric around your pillow and put pins in the corner so that you can identify the working space.

Step 3:  Print out the butterfly template. With the help of the template you can cut out about 16 butterflies from the felt.

Step 4: Take off the cushion cover of your cushion and the pin the butterflies to the cushion.

Step 5: Now simply stitch the butterflies to the cushion cover.

Step 6: With the cushion cover inside out, wrap it around the cushion and the top should be pinned in an overlapping manner. Next you need to push your cushion out, sew both the sides to close them. Now it is time to turn the right side out. Make use of the back slit for putting your pillow back in and you are done.

new designs and custom colors to your cushion

Try out these interesting customized cushion ideas and your chairs will look terrific with the new change.