How to Recover a Nursery Glider

How to Recover a Nursery Glider

A nursery glider, most probably in use at home with kids jumping on it, eating and splashing on it. And all that causes severe wear and tear effects on the fabric cover as well as on the frame of the glider. So you should not be worried about it as it happens with gliders and you just have to think creatively and optimistically.

In case you have got a dirty little glider that you need to be converted at the best glider and ottoman, then be prepared to revamp it with some basic little things and a little effort and time input from your side.

So let us start with a few things that we shall need before you start up our project:

  • 2-3 yards of quality fabric
  • Holding pins and safety pins
  • Velcro tapes
  • Measuring tape
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Glue or adhesive

After making it sure that you have got all things lined up, you will need to take out the cushions from the glider chair and the ottoman. So take them out from the back of the glider, the seat and the ottoman. Measure the sizes and not them down. You can also put the seats to be recovered on the fabric while it is spread on the ground or a table. In this way you can easily measure and estimate the cloth that you need. Wrap up the cloth on each piece one by one and pin it up to specify the exact size you will need to cover the cushions properly. Cut the fabric according to size taken.

Decide about how you’ll put the wrap up. You can either use a Velcro attachment to hold the fabric and the cushion together or also prepare a well stitched overall cover to be put on the cushion of the glider seat.

Always remember to leave 1-1/2 inch fabric extra while cutting the fabric to accommodate the seam. Stitch the cushion covers according to the size and put it up to the glider’s cushions. Make sure you don’t leave any side loose or wrinkled as it will look very ugly. A well fitted and covered glider seat is ready to use.

You can also put up new padding on the seat and the ottoman. But it will require more effort if you do so. As you will have to take off all the fabric as well as the padding out and add the padding, the piping and the cover again.

You can also use a spray paint to cover the worn out wooden or metal frame areas of the glider chair. A DIY makeover of a glider chair can be accomplished easily if you are okay to cover your glider with a cloth without any need to change the padding. Also, never use a lightweight fabric for upholstery or recovering a chair, a thick and heavy cloth is always a long lasting option and you will feel easy to keep your glider in a good condition.