5 Best Chairs Glider For Nursery Reviews 2017

The people at home only enjoy their leisure time if they have the best facilities around in the house. Same goes for the mothers who needs to have a tailor-made seating platform in order to their babies. The best comfort and ease is guaranteed when you are in possession of the best nursery glider which could be purchased only from the top manufacturers. This guide will help you find the right information about the usability, productivity, benefits and the technique about how to buy such products from the market.

Top 10 Rated Glider Chairs For Nursery – 2017

#1 Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman

This glider chair for nursery has amazing features. It is quite huge so gives you ample seating space. The arms of the chair have padded cushions for your comfort. There are pockets along the side of the chair so that you can keep your belongings.


  • This glider is available in a few pieces so it is quite simple to assemble it. You will just need about 30 minutes to assemble this char.
  • The chair justifies its price. It has a very clean design and looks quite appealing to the eyes. It is perfect to be placed in your common room.
  • You do not have to worry about washing the seat cushions as well because they are washable so every time you wash the cushions they will be good as new.
  • This glider chair has metal enclosed ball bearings that facilitate a smooth glide.
  • The glider can easily bear a weight of about 250lbs.
  • The texture of the cushion is quite soft and it looks appealing as well.


  • The overall finesse of this chair needs to be worked upon to get improved customer satisfaction. The reason is that this chair does start to sweak after few months of use.
  • A glider is something that is used on a daily basis so it would have been much better if a darker colour would have been used for the cushions because beige colour can get dirty quite easily.

#2 Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Decency and elegance are the hallmark of this glider for nursery. This chair has generous seating space. If you have any items that you may need while feeding the baby then you can keep these items in the pockets that are located on the side of the chair. You can easily rest your hands on the padded chair arms.


  • Well this glider chair for nursery offers a smooth glide motion because of the enclosed ball bearings.
  • You can easily wash the seat and the back cushion so they look clean throughout the year.
  • The cushions are available in a number of colours so you can choose those colours that look appealing to you and when you want to give a different look to your chair then all you need to do is change the cushions.
  • Another factor that adds up the pluses of this glider is the price and the chair is fairly affordable.
  • This glider is comfortable and does meet up to the requirements of a nursing mother.


  • When you are sitting on the chair then you can feel the spindles through your back cushion.
  • The material of the cushion could have been better as well.
  • The overall quality of this glider can be improved. For example, the paint can be of a better quality. The manufacturer also needs to work on the quality of the cushion fabric and this improvement will add to the appeal of the chair as well.

#3 Stork Craft Tuscany Custom Glider

The highlight of this glider chair is that it is available with a lumber support pillow. The material of the arm cushions are padded polyester blend. The chair has ample space to sit comfortably. The smooth glide is possible because of the metal ball bearings. The chair will not produce an irritating squeaking sound as well.


  • The cushion is detachable so you can put up whatever cushion you want and this is the best part. You can give a fresh look to your glider for nursery by changing the cushions often.
  • The material of the cushions is microfiber and they hold up well.
  • You need not indulge in an elaborate assembly procedure for this chair. Only the seat back rest portion needs to be attached.
  • Another quality that makes this chair a good choice is that it is not costly and will not turn out to be a burden for your pocket.
  • The style of this glider is great and the chair does not create a squeaking sound.
  • The cushion is so comfortable and has a foamy texture.


  • The manufacturer should work on improving the overall quality of this chair so that it lasts a long time and does not wear out. If the quality is good is improved further it will be yet another element that will attract the customers.

#4 Dutailier Glider and Ottoman Combo

This glider gives a modern look to your nursery. Dutailier Glider looks exquisite and sophisticated and you will love it when you set your eyes on it. It has a perfect hardwood frame and facilitates a gliding motion through the sealed ball bearings.


  • Assembling this glider will not be difficult and it will not take you a lot of effort to assemble this chair. The glider is available in just two pieces and fixing is also simple.
  • You will not have to worry about the element of safety when you buy this glider because it does not have any sharp edges at all.
  • The cushions are made from this microfiber material that is soft and smooth.
  • This glider does not create any noise at all during the process of gliding.
  • Another key quality of this glider is that it is durable and can easily last for a long time to come.


  • This glider has no pockets so if you want to keep your belonging near, the chair does not facilitate you.
  • The price is again a bit on the higher side so if you are looking in for a very affordable glider then this may not work for you.
  • This glider does not offer a lock. If this feature is introduced as well then it will be superb addition and this feature will definitely attract more customers to opt for this glider.

#5 Dutailier Sleigh Glider-Multiposition

This glider chair for nursery is made from 100 percent polyester. This glider has this grace and poise that looks appealing to eye. You will be able to enjoy an extra glide motion with this glider. The padded arms of the chair add up to the elegance and comfort of this glider.


  • What is worth appreciating is that this glider lives up to the safety standards and does not have any sharp edges at all. The finish of the glider is overall toxic free.
  • This glider also offers multi-position glider position. This means that you can easily stop the glider at the desired position.
  • The backrest can also be adjusted as per your comfort.
  • Dutailier Sleigh Glider-Multiposition can easily handle weight up to 260 lbs.
  • This glider can easily be reclined till an angle of 45 degrees.
  • You do not have to worry about cleaning and washing the cushions because they can be removed off with ease.
  • The assembling of this glider is simple and all the necessary instructions are provided in this regard.


  • This glider is a bit expensive in comparison to the other gliders available. Thus this does count as a setback of this glider. The manufacturer needs to improve the quality so that it lives up to the price for which this glider is being sold.
  • The straps for attaching the seat cushion are also quite short.

What kind of chair is suitable for nursery?
Glider vs Rocker

How To Choose The Right Nhair?

A rocker or a gliding chair is one of the essential nursery items that make the adjustment phase with a newborn all the more easier and enjoyable. The late night feeding sessions, your infant sleepless nights and reading out to your toddler can all be done on a rocking chair and it works wonderfully to calm down your fussy child and help them fall asleep eventually. A rocking chair can also be used in a living room or den to help you relax and wind down on lazy afternoons or make those late night coffee sessions a little more exciting. If you are looking to buy a rocker or gliding chair, there are a few considerable points that must be kept in mind while choosing the right chair for you.

Spacious sitting: A rocker should offer you a spacious and comfortable sitting position in order to give enough space for you and your baby. Your feeding sessions on a glider will only be enjoyable if you have a well rested back and you have enough space to move around your child and keep him calm during the feed.

Foot Rest: A comfortable foot resting position is also important for a rocking chair. Whether you are reading a book or working on making your newborn to fall asleep a comfy foot place will help you stay calm and relaxed while your baby is being fussy or irritable. Modern rockers and gliders come with an ottoman to keep your feet in an inclined and well rested position.

Dense cushioning: This is a must have for any rocker or gliding chair. A supportive and dense cushioning keeps you comfortable for long hours and maintains your body posture in a well aligned manner while preventing any kind of back pains or such. You can always sleep in your rocking chair so make sure that cushions are soft and plushy.

Lock and safety: A locking system is also essential for a rocking chair particularly if you plan to use it with a baby. A lock will help you to safely sit or stand up from a rocker while holding a child moreover, you can keep your chair locked once your baby learns to play with the chair in order to avoid hurting your child. Modern rockers and gliders come with a dynamic and multipurpose usability options so you can use it in your living room or nursery according to your need and preferences.

Therefore, choose a rocking chair that is comfy, durable and easy to clean and maintain. You should not overly emphasize a cheap price while buying a product, rather, try to compare the top rated product to sort that has the best features you need and comes at the most reasonable rates as compared to other quality products. Also a quality chair is always very easy to use and maintain, so you should get an idea, if the chair you have selected provides ease of usage then it must be a great product for your use.


The ultimate solution for all the nursing moms is to buy the glider chairs, ottoman for nursery in order to make their life quite easier with their babies. Such platforms are versatile and can be used for any other purpose for which a chair can be used. Buying the best chair requires you to follow a certain process which will guarantee you a quality purchase. All in all, this is a very desirable product and must be purchased especially when the matter is to nurse babies. You should be aware of all the opportunities and possibilities that you can avail to enjoy your free moments with a glider chair, no matter if you a young busy person, a retired elderly or a nursing Mum, these chairs are the best fit for all. Make your choice today!